Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

A unique, professionally led service for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, giving you three convenient options:

Visit our HBOT clinic in the Somerset countryside for bespoke sessions, tailored to your needs, with a highly qualified professional.

Rent your own HBOT machine for as long as you need, with the reassurance of our guidance and support.

Buy an HBOT machine for maximum benefit in your home. We help you select and set up the best machine for your needs.

Why hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Oxygen equals energy

Oxygen is a vital element of life. We know that we need to breathe it in, but we may not realise that our whole body gets 90% of its energy from oxygen, through our blood.

Oxygen equals optimum health

Blood carries oxygen to the cells throughout your body to keep them healthy. High levels of oxygen are anti-oxidant, immune boosting and anti-inflammatory. Infections cannot survive in pure oxygen, which naturally cleans and energises the cells.

When we increase the amount of oxygen the cells receive, it helps your whole body to:

Feel better - Heal better - Perform better

Oxygen chamber for hire UK delivery

Feel better

Health conscious and highly active people use oxygen therapy regularly for:

  • maximum wellbeing
  • optimal bodily function
  • quick recovery from major exertion

HBOT can give the body a detox; boost anti-oxidants; foster new stem cells to counter the effects of ageing. It can also benefit bones and skin and reduce inflammation to prevent and address chronic disease.

Heal better

When we are ill, our oxygen-bearing blood flow is reduced, so oxygen (energy) fails to reach all cells. With age, less blood flow reaches muscles, joints, brain, eyes, ears. Oxygen therapy:

  • fuels the cells
  • super energises the body
  • creates natural healing

Over time, diverse and difficult conditions can be helped, greatly improving quality of life. These include Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Dementia, Bowel disease, Lyme disease and even Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis. HBOT is complementary to conventional medication and can be used alongside it.

Perform better

More and more professional sports people and dedicated gym users are discovering HBOT, using it to boost energy levels and increase their performance. They find that oxygen therapy can:

  • maximise energy and endurance
  • speed recovery from injury
  • even help heal concussion in contact sports

Those who need and want to be super fit may add regular HBOT sessions to their training and recovery regime. They can benefit from a boost before performing, fast muscle recovery afterwards and overall reduction of inflammation for optimum health.